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  • A crisis exists in education in the developing world today. Access to education has improved marginally in the last decade but the skills this imparts itself are of little use in the economy of the 21st century. However this viewpoint is slowly undergoing a paradigm shift through community driven initiatives such as the makerspace.

    Since the beginning of 2014, an NGO has attempted to take this idea to the next level, in a small village on the outskirts of Bangalore. Project DEFY has been on a mission to establish rural, community run makerspaces around India. These makerspaces allow village students to access open source knowledge in a self-directed, experiential learning environment. They have also contributed significantly to the self sufficiency of the local communities by empowering them through skill development initiatives

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    We build medical devices sustainably, on order and as locally as possible.


    Product maintenance / servicing can be done at the same location as manufacturing.


    Improving healthcare education in rural communities by demonstrating what goes into the making of healthcare devices.


    Provide free access to information and the tools to use this information in rural villages.

    sustainable growth

    Incubate/invest in other companies and products that arise from the Project DEFY makerspace ecosystem.

  • A makerspace, besides giving access to tools, also gives access to many creative local people to collaborate with. This community constitutes for local knowledge. The provision of Internet creates a connection with the world and the global knowledge. This assures that the local community’s needs and interests are considered, while access to external information is used to satisfy these needs and interests. Thus, a community customizes the makerspace as per their own requirements, while merging their thoughts with those available on the Internet.

    By providing the appropriate funding, tools and manpower to these makerspaces, Project DEFY creates small scale production facilities or assembly facilities within them. Project DEFY aims to leverage these facilities to manufacture our products in these rural areas to streamline logistical challenges that might otherwise arise.

    Project DEFY wishes to demonstrate a novel model of learning where people create their own practical learning environments, called makerspaces1, where through use of computers, Internet and building tools, they are enabled to teach themselves, unrestricted by age, religion, sex or sexual preferences. Where exploration and experimentation are norms, while creativity is inspired. Find out more about their projects here!

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