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  • The Smart Stethoscope

    The Taal is a low-cost, highly functional digital stethoscope, that improves the quality of your diagnosis, and reduces the time needed to measure cardiovascular parameters among many other possible applications

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    Enhanced volume

    In-built amplification as well as the ability to control volume on the device allows the user to clearly hear heart, lung and other body sounds.Makes the heart pound in your ears

  • flexible-use

    Flexibility of Use

    With a POGO charging port and Lithium Ion batteries, the Taal can be used and charged anywhere.

  • compact-size

    Compact Size

    No cumbersome rubber tubes that are inconvenient for travel or carrying about a workplace. The compactness of the Taal means that it is small and convenient enough to fit into a pocket.

  • OLED Display

    OLED Display

    An alphanumeric OLED display screen displays a real-time digital sample of the heart rate, along with the battery status of Taal.

  • Sound

    Audio Filtering

    A noise cancelling analog circuit removes unwanted sounds that may interfere with auscultation allowing the listener to only hear relevant frequency ranges.

  • beat-mobile-app-new

    Mobile App

    Smartphone users can access additional functionality by downloading our app which allows detailed audio processing and recording as well as a virtual community of device users.

  • Technical Specifications

    TAAL Specifications
    Medical Specifications :
    • Frequency Output (Heart and Lungs): 20 – 1000hz
    • Frequency Output (Heart): 20 – 220hz
    • Amplification Range: upto 64dB
    Dimensions and Weight :
    • Diameter: 6.5cm
    • Width: 2cm
    • Weight: 50g
    Communication :
    • OLED Filtering
    • POGO Charging Port
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack
    Control Features :
    • Power ON/Mode Button
    • Volume Control (amplification: ≤64dB)
    Electrical & Processor Specifications :
    • Li-ion 3.7V, 200mAH battery
    • Atmel® ATMEGA® 8bit microcontroller
    • Wired, heavy bass earphones with noise isolation
  • A smart device for the healthier human

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